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We believe eating healthy is most important thing but it's difficult to keep it. Our Meal Shakes will help you to eat healthier in an easy way!



What is Misutgaru?

Misutgaru is a Korean traditional grain powder which is a combination of 4-7 grains. It is usually served in the hot summer days to quench thirst or as an instant nutritious drink for a healthy snack. Misutgaru is commonly mixed with water or milk and sugar or honey can be added as a sweetener.

It is great for a workout supplement, quick breakfast, meal replacement, and healthy snacks for everybody at all ages!


Freshly Made in Chicago

The Misutgaru was made in the best combination of Brown Sweet Rice, Barley, Brown Rice, Black Beans, and Adlay to make traditional flavor with 20 years of experience.

All fresh ingredients are steamed, dried, and roasted carefully. Then ground into a powder so it is easy to digest all the vitamins and nutrients.

Besides Misutgaru, we also offer Black Beans and Black Sesame Meal Shakes which will give more protein!